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About Us

My name is Labros Golas . I was born and raised in the city of Ioannina - the city of silversmiths - and from a young age I came in contact with jewelry and silversmithing of Ioannina.

I was studying in Public School of Silversmithing. For years, I apprenticed to the most famous ‹‹artisans›› of city.Ever since I was a young, I learned the technique of filigree or wire, the engraving, the nailing and a variety of other techniques.

The company was founded in 1991 and in 2005 it became a member of KEPAVI(Traditional Crafts Center of Ioannina),where my workshop is housed, in an industrial building in the center of Ioannina.

Since the company was founded,I have participated in International Jewelry Exhibitions for traders.

I cooperate with branded jewelry houses, galleries and central jewelry stores in Greece and abroad.


Our jewelry has been shown in well-known TV series, and in the workshop have been made anniversary souvenirs, medals and business gifts, according to the needs and desires of customers.The ‹‹Byzantium Spirits›› established me in the field of Byzantine jewelry, with works inspired by Ancient Greece and the Byzantine era, but with modern design and adapted to the trends of the times.

The love for the art of silversmithing pushed me to the creation of a new collection of jewelry with a fresh mood,but always focused on quality and handmade construction.

The design and manufacture of all jewelry is done in the silversmith workshop in Ioannina with the most modern machines and with a guarantee of quality in raw materials (metal, stones, plating).

Have a nice tour in our online store byzantinejewels and thank you for your preference and love.

By supporting Greek handicrafts, you are supporting the economy of Greece.

Yours sincerely,

Byzantium Spirits

Labros Golas